Founded by the late T.C. Cherian, Kerala Fashion Jewellery opened its first showroom at Mylapore in 1973. It was an independent venture moving in the path set by its ancestors, who were traditionally jewellers in Madras. It has come a long way since, becoming one of the most trusted brands in Chennai.

Since the year 1996, KERALA FASHION JEWELLERY has taken the identity of KFJ to stay relevant to the changing aspirations of the modern consumer. KFJ's products comprise a wide range of gold, diamond, platinum and silver jewels, catering to the varying needs of its customers. Renowned for their light weight jewellery collection, KFJ prides itself in crafting delicate gold and diamond designs for the younger generation.

With the foresight of helping the common man buy gold jewellery at affordable prices and getting the best value for money, KFJ became an innovator in gold saving schemes, much ahead of the other players in the market. KFJ’s Lowest Rate in 30 Months was a trend setter in gold savings schemes that benefited thousands of middle-class families during times of rising gold prices. Currently KFJ’s Quick Gold is one of the most successfully running gold saving schemes in the city.

Introduced in 2014, KFJ’s Gold Investment Plan, Bond of Gold, gave Chennaites the unique opportunity of investing in gold at an unbelievable rate of Rs.1999/gm. KFJ’s Tension Free Gold is a first of its kind installment based wedding plan targeted at parents with daughters of marriageable age, providing the all-in-one benefit of buying gold jewellery at the lowest market rates with 0% wastage and 0% making charges.Under the leadership of Valsa Cherian, KFJ’s core management team consists of Sujith Cherian and Sunil Cherian, who believe in providing the best-class products and services to the trusted customers.